Hair Extension Conditioner
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Beauty For You Cosmetics


Beauty for You store offers a range of products for hair extension care. Each hair, which is cut from the head is called "dead hair", which requires deep care and concern. For this purpose, we have worked out special Hair Extensions Line devoted to hair extensions.

Hair Extension Line from Beauty for You is a complete cosmetics set, which is specially created for hair extension.

Hair Extension Conditioner Beauty-for-You

A lot can be told about this product. Thanks to the quality and intensity of care as offered, ensured itself as a "bestseller". Our conditioner has repeatedly proved that it can restore the physiological balance of the scalp and the condition of the hair. After use, the hair looks very healthy and natural, the conditioner helps in combing, giving the hair elasticity, smoothness and significantly improving their lifespan.

Application: Apply to slightly wet hair, after shampooing, 5-10 cm below the joints and massage into the hair towards the tips. After a few minutes, rinse.

Capacity: 350 ml

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