Set of Hair Extension Cosmetics Small set - Shampoo + Conditioner + Eliksir

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Beauty For You Cosmetics


Beauty for You store offers a range of products for hair extension care. Each hair, which is cut from the head is called "dead hair", which requires deep care and concern. For this purpose, we have worked out special Hair Extensions Line devoted to hair extensions.

Hair Extension Line from Beauty for You is a complete cosmetics set, which is specially created for hair extension.

Set of Hair Extension Cosmetics

Small set - Shampoo + Conditioner + Eliksir


1) Hair extension shampoo, 250 ml

Professional hair extension and anti-damaged hair shampoo, requiring intensive thorough moistening and conditioning.

The shampoo restores the physiological balance from the first application, making them look more natural, shiny and silky soft.

2) Hair Extension Conditioner, 350 ml

Optimum protection for hair extension. Moistens and conditions the dry hair. Gives the elasticity and flatness. Helps to detangle the hair and extends their life span.

Recommended for regular usage.

3) Elixir for hair extensions from Beauty-for-You

The elixir is used as a product completing the entire Hair Extensions Line by Beauty for You. It is intended primarily for long-lasting, dry hair and split ends.

This composition smoothens and strengthens the hair, supporting their durability, and most importantly, closes the hair cuticle and makes the hair soft and shiny.

We also encourage obtaining our BIGGER SET of cosmetics!

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