The information clause in relation to the acquisition and processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016.

1. The Administrator of your personal data is  CDB „PRIMUS” Tomasz Kochanczyk, Sygneczów 1, 32-020 Wieliczka
2. The data protection officer / administrator is available to contact under the following address:  
3. Your personal data will be processed for:
implementation of sales processes for goods and services
arranging visits, consultations and meetings
Conducting a history of previous visits and purchases
for the purpose of developing and communicating customized offers
communicating changes in customer service processes and standardizing new offers
Recruitment process
issuing certificates for completed training based on the following:
- information provided from you, by; phone, e-mail, orally o directly by handling a letter to our employees
- The information left on our website / servers
- The information which is from widely available sources such as; websites, information about your your business, etc.

The receiver of your personal data will be our employees, as well as companies and individuals who are entitled to
provide services for us in the field of:
accounting, sales support, internet marketing,
internal administration, internal and external communication, transport and all bodies
entitled to access personal data by law, by issued decisions and agreements concluded
accordance with the law

5)  Your personal data will be kept for the period necessary to achieve the objective in which
were the information was obtained in the first place. which in most of the cases of processing means that we will issue the information about your previous : contacts, visits in our clinic or visits on our websites, purchases, complaint processes and also unfinished services or uncompleted shopping processes.

6) You have the right to access your data and receive:
copies of your data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, right to
transfer your data, the right to raise objections against, the right to withdraw consent in
any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing, which was
made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal;

7) You have the right to send a complaint to the POTODO when you consider that the processing of personal data about you violates the provisions of the general regulation on
protection of personal data act from April 27, 2016;
8) Providing personal data by you is voluntary and the consequence of not providing personal data may be the inability to contact you by our employees and
finalizing the process for which you have been asked to provide the personal data
, i.e., first and foremost, the performance of the service, purchases in our shop, checking the history of visits or history of purchases, issuing  certificates after training, or in a recruitment process.
9) Your data will be processed in an automated way, including in the form of profiling. Automated decision making will be carried out in accordance with the law, based on secure software provided by trusted suppliers. The consequence of such processing will be the adaptation of communicated content to recipients.
10) A request to delete personal data may result in the inability to use the guarantee conditions guaranteed by us, not required by law, such as free exchange of goods without presenting a proof of purchase, return or exchange of goods for a longer period than provided for by law, using the service guarantee without proof purchase.