European, Strands, Straight Susceptible, 51 cm, easy loop

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Hair color
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Hair length
  • 51cm
Hair structure
  • Straight/Susceptible

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 25.


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European Hair Beauty-for-You

We recommend for those who extend the hair for a shorter period and have your hair thicker, than the average person of Slavic.

Hair is lower quality and cheaper than Slavic hair – more rigid, the husk is not 100% closed. Colors as in Slavic hair - from bright, dark, up to the black. Smooth and soft texture. In the production process of European hair, the extension is mixed together, lightened and color-treated. Used for these measures also are mild and do not cause a significant deterioration in the quality of the hair. On the resulting product does not overlap the silicone, as in the case of Asian hair (What causes that at first glance Asian hair look as nice as European and Slavic hair extension). Hair is soft and delicate, slightly wavy (vulnerable). Vulnerable to treatments and styling and coloring.

European hair, length 51 cm under the Easy Loop method.

Hair is suitable for hair extension or thickening. European hair is straight, susceptible. It can be stylized under heat up to 200 °C. Easy Loop tip.

The strand weight was specially chosen so that it would not overweight and be safe for hair husk.

The hair is sold only in 25 strand set, not by a single strand because exactly this quantity can be found in one original packaging, and thanks to it are free from impurities and mites.

1 set (25 strands) weight about:

  • - 17,5g for 51cm

We kindly invite You to familiarize yourself with the complete offer at Beauty-for-You store and wholesale. You can find here a virgin, Slavic hair.