Slavic, strands, straight prone 61 cm, under keratin, ultrasound

Hair color
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Top quality Slavic / Polish hair

Offered by the wholesaler and shop Beauty for You Slavic hair is the highest quality hair. Hair has a unique, one-of-a-kind silky soft structure. This guarantees a 100% natural hair extension effect!

Natural Slavic hair offered in our store is characterized by softness, silky shine and smooth structure and susceptibility to styling – straightening, twisting, waving. The hair is perfectly matched to polek hair.

Thanks to careful selection made during the preparation of hair for hair extensions Slavic Beauty for You is distinguished by exceptional long service life – up to 18 months, with proper care, for dark hair and up to 9 months for light hair.

remark! The guarantee for Slavic dyed hair is valid only for the use of professional cosmetics beauty-for-you (Shampoo + Conditioner + Elixir).

Slavic hair with a length of 61 cm with keratin tip – FLAT.

We present the highest quality Slavic hair. Hair is suitable for hair extension or thickening procedure. Slavic hair simple, prone. They can be styled warm up to 200 °C. Flat tip, under welding machine or ultrasound.

The weight of the strand has been specially selected so that it does not overload and is safe for hair bulbs.

We sell hair only in sets of 25 strands,not for a single strand, because that's what is in 1 originalpackage, so that they are free of impurities and mites.

1 package (25 bands) is a weight of about:

  • 20g at 61cm

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of beauty hair store and wholesaler for you. Here you will find virgin hair, Slavic hair.

Slavic dyed
Creatine / Ultrasound
Hair color
#1 black
#1B black brown
#2 dark brown
#4 medium brown
#6 light brown
#8 golden light brown
#10 toffee
#12 caramel
#16 natural blonde
#18 dark blond
#18 ash dark blond
#20 cold blond mouse
#18-60 ombre
#22 golden light blonde
#24 sunny blonde
#27 Hollywood blonde
#60 b. bright cold blond
#613 b. bright warm blond
#PB Pearl Blond
#PM Platinium
Hair type
Simple prone
Hair length
up to 25g