Trychological training I + II level
PLN1,500.00 with 0 percent tax - only for employer
1500.00 zł
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Trichological Training

Beauty-for-You for several years training whose aim is to prepare professional trichology participants to perform treatments trichology - both for individuals, salons and hairdressing schools.

We are working on devices and materials of the highest quality. The training is carried out in the form of lectures and exercises, it takes 1 to 4 days – everything depends on the student's preferences. During the practical part, we use the same high-quality hair, on which we are working with current clients.

I+II Level

People who wish to enter the basic services of the trichological along with analysis of the scalp and hair on the device Tricho-Cam we recommend the use of a dedicated training with analysis on the device of enriched with a basic knowledge of the trichology, being a combination of Level I and Level II, at a price of 1500 zł.


• Anatomy and physiology of the hair and scalp

• Common problems of scalp and hair

• The primary client interview

• Scalp care methods

• The safety of scalp and hair

• Treatment regimens in hair and scalp care

• Hair loss

• Hair loss: types and causes

• Methods to prevent hair loss


• Micro camera: the use and objectives of

• Image analysis of micro camera

• The primary client interview

• Communication the results of the analysis

• The base of cases

• The choice of methods to prevent changes in sick leave

• When it is necessary to get help from the doctor?

• How to choose a treatment in the beauty/doctor's Office to the problem of hair and scalp?

• Daily care in the customer's home