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Hair extension TRAINING – 16 SELECTED METHODS - 4days -32h

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1st and 2nd degree – 16 SELECTED METHODS - 4days -32h

The aim of the course is to professionally prepare participants for hair extension procedures. We teach hair color selection, hair extension and compaction techniques, extension hair care, techniques and rules for pulling hair extensions.

The course lasts from 1 to 5 days – everything depends on the preferences of the course participant.

After completing the training, you receive a Diploma in Polish or English and a selected starter kit from us. After the course, each of the students becomes a hair extension stylist beauty-for-you participating in promotions and discount programs for the best wholesale customers - we send customers for hair extension treatments and we are in constant contact.

Why choose professional training in Beauty for You?

In the market of hair extension and non-surgical replenishment we operate, with numerous successes since 2008. We gained our first courses and certificates by training with the best specialists at the time, in New York. We owe further successes to hard work and commitment. We approach the topic of extension comprehensively. In addition to professional training, we offer the best equipment, accessories and hair extensions. In addition, thanks to running our own Hair Clinic, we have daily, direct contact with target clients.

Our training staff not only stays in the current trends, but also contributes independently to the development of the hair extension and compaction industry. We implement the Certification System of Polish Training Service Standards. We have something to brag about:

  • supported by practice experience, since 2008

  • more than 2,000 training courses

  • more than 13,000 hair extension procedures performed

  • cooperation with customers in more than 36 countries around the world

  • honorowe membership in the Polish Trichological Association

  • our students have access to the best extension equipment for professionals

  • we have the largest exposure of virgin hair in Europe

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