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Trichological training with computer analysis of scalp and hair modules I and II

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Trichological training with computer analysis of scalp and hair Module I and II

- anatomy and physiology of the hair and scalp

- frequent problems of the scalp and hair

- basic interview with the client

- methods of care of the scalp

- safety of scalp and hair

- treatment schemes in hair and scalp care

- hair loss

- a balding: types and causes

- methods of preventing balding

- microcamera: application and objectives

- image analysis from microcameras

- communication of the results of the analysis

- case database

- selection of a method for preventing lesions

- when you need help from a doctor?

- how to choose a treatment in the salon /office for the problem of hair and scalp?

- daily care at the customer's house

TRAINER: Tomasz Kochańczyk
DURATION: 2 days - 16h


1. Generates additional profit from the tests carried out

The study does not take long, its price for the customer 50-150 PLN in the absence of additional costs of the salon. At such a price, the investment in the course pays very quickly. Many people choose to study in anticipation of a visit or after a visit. Customers often have many questions about the scalp and hair – these doubts will help dispel a trained trichologist.

2. Additional profit on sales of products

The trichologist will also help to choose the right care cosmetics that will help to remove ailments and prevent abnormalities. Customers very often choose to buy products suitable for the needs of the scalp and hair in order to be able to implement the recommendations as soon as possible.

3. Raising awareness among clients and hairdressers

During the study, the client and hairdressers staying in the salon expand their knowledge about the care of the scalp and hair. Customers are more likely to return to the salon to purchase more beauty products. Stylists effectively help their customers solve their problems and choose the right products.

4. Create a good mood in the living room and encourage further visits.

The customer is served more professionally by the salon. He will notice that properly selected care brings positive results. It is also encouraged to visit again to check the effect, often returning to the salon after buying selected cosmetics.

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