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Laser extend cartridge

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Wholesale Beauty for You offers a range of products and accessories for hair extensions. In our offer you will find everything you need during hair extension procedures, from the preparation stage to the final result. Among the extension accessories available in the beauty for you store and wholesale, we have the accessories needed for any hair extension method, whether for keratin extension/ultrasound, microrings, easy-loop, or under the very popular "sandwich" method.

Cartridge for Laser Extend

Laser Extend - what is it?

The device plugs into electricity like any other electrical device.

Joints in hair extensions – so-called 'nanoconnections' – are super-discretinous and mega-long. Anyone who comes into contact with them for the first time is delighted with the natural effect of the attached strands.

Nanoconnections - Laser Extend

"Nanoconnections" are so aesthetic and discreet that they are not visible even when we look at the attached hair up close, when the hairstyle is blowing the wind, or when they are "moved" (that is, hair that is extended, which has not been pulled up, or taken off when it is time for them, that is, after a period of 2 to 4 months from the foundation / pull-up). This effect was achieved by using thin nanoconnections – they are thinner than the hair above and below the joint, which is not the case with traditional methods.

In addition, it is a type of joint that is resistant to most conditioners, paints and cosmetics.

The joints are also resistant to high temperatures – they withstand a two-hour test at 90°C. Nanoconnections made by the laser device are four times stronger than keratin joints.

Nano-connections are perfect for intense sports, dancing, riding a motorcycle in a helmet and even when jumping on a parachute! In other words, hair extension and thickening has never been so comfortable, discreet and durable.

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