Virgin hair on micro straight tapes prone light brown 29cm 13g 20 straps

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Virgin hair on micro invisible tapes for microcanapic method

Top quality Slavic / Polish virgin hair on microchannels

Offered by wholesaler and shop Beauty for You Virgin hair is the highest quality hair. Virgin hair features a unique, one-of-a-kind silky soft structure. This guarantees a 100% natural hair extension effect!

Natural Slavic virgin hair offered in our store can be easily subjected to all chemical treatments, as well as hot styling, including: straightening or twisting or waving hair with a curling iron or straightener.

The "sandwich"/tape/skin weftmethod , under all these names there is one method, consisting in attaching to natural hair, a special silicone, transparent tape length of 4 or 2 cm, to which the hair is attached extended. It is thanks to the special design of the joint – two tapes between which there are attached hairs, this method owes its graceful name to the "sandwich". This method consists in attaching the tape at the hairline itself, right next to the skin. The tapes are invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible, there is no discomfort when performing daily activities. Hair after the procedure can be freely baked and modeled, and after a period of 4-8 weeks it is necessary to make correction and pull up the tapes.

Polish virgin hair on MICRO tapes in a light brown shade with a length of 29 cm and a weight of 13 grams (20 tapes)

novelty! We offer high quality Slavic virgin hair on micro tapes. Virgin hair on tapes - so-called microcanops, available in our store and hair wholesalers, thanks to the fact that they were never dyed, are of the highest quality. They are ideal for any cosmetic procedure such as coloring and lightening.

We present unique, top quality natural virgin hair on micro tapes (microcaps). A wide range of Pristine Slavic hair, a rich color palette, will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. After the procedure of hair extension or thickening, they perfectly integrate with the hair from the head. Virgin hair in the category of virgin hair on micro strips, we always select under each client, based on the structure of his hair - simple ingesting, prone, frizzywavy and curly, delicate and thin, as well as thicker structurally. Thanks to the selection of virgin hair from our store, the effect of extension or compaction is spectacular every time, and at the same time invisible to bystanders.




# light brown


29 cm


13 g - 20 tapes without invisible


Polish virgin on micro tapes

Slavic Virgin
Sandwiches / Skin Weft
Hair color
#6 light brown
Hair type
Simple prone
Hair length
up to 30cm
up to 25g
Tape width