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Integration system – IntegrationSkin – so-called "micromeal"
Integration systems have created the possibility of replenishing hair previously unattainable without the use of cosmetic surgery procedures. The micro cup with hair fully integrates with natural hair, ensuring discretion when wearing.

Integration Skin is an alternative to wigs, providing replenishment of hair defects from the top of the head. Before the advent of microgrid hairdressing did not know such non-invasive capabilities. Before you start using the integration system, you need to consult a hairdresser-stylist. All issues regarding the proper use of hair are discussed. The integration system must be closely tailored to the customer, therefore it is necessary to make accurate measurements of the head, as well as the design of the microgrid base. At this stage, you need to make a selection of micromesh parameters, such as: hair color, hairstyle, type and length of hair. Taking accurate measurements of the head is extremely important, because the micromeal must adhere perfectly to the scalp. The hairdresser-stylist must estimate the radius of curvature and adhesion of the mesh, followed by its type, size and length of the hair replenished.

The process of preparing an individual order usually takes several months, during this time it is possible and it is recommended to use other methods of non-invasive hair replenishment. On the one hand, it will accustom people from the Client's surroundings to a new image, and on the other hand it will not cause the Customer shock caused by a sudden change in the amount of hair. It is recommended to adjust the integration system every about 4 to 8 weeks, there is also the possibility of self-improvement of the mesh in the house. In replenishing hair with Integration Skin, the most important thing is professional advice of a professional hairdresser-stylist, choosing the right hair and a specific hairstyle after completing the restoration. The finished integration system can only be modified in a limited way, which is why such accurate measurements and arrangements are necessary before making a microgrid.

Integration system – MicroSkin
MicroSkin hair replenishment is ideal for very thinning hair and even when there is no natural hair. MicroSkin is a non-invasive procedure, safe for the scalp. There is no risk of complications, nor infection or complications. The integration system allows you to achieve incredible results, ensuring the appearance of hair to the illusion resembling natural. Spectacular effects are achieved by using an innovative ultra-thin membrane in microskin hair replenishment. Thousands of individual hairs are precisely attached to the membrane, perfectly imitating natural hair growing out of the scalp. There is no concern about the scalp, as the MicroSkin system provides a complete feeling of comfort when wearing. The joints are thermoadhesive, guaranteeing perfect stability and precise adheres to the scalp. MicroSkin hair replenishment system is safe to use. The microcutaneous application varies depending on body temperature, providing excellent grip and fit. Mesh has many micropores, allowing the scalp to breathe by creating a natural air exchange.

The MicroSkin system is fully transparent, properly attached and styled is completely invisible and indistinguishable from natural hair. If you are looking for the perfect method of variation of your hairstyle with the utmost discretion, we recommend the MicroSkin system.

Why choose professional training in Beauty for You?

In the market of hair extension and non-surgical replenishment we operate, with numerous successes since 2008. We gained our first courses and certificates by training with the best specialists at the time, in New York. We owe further successes to hard work and commitment. We approach the topic of extension comprehensively. In addition to professional training, we offer the best equipment, accessories and hair extensions. In addition, thanks to running our own Hair Clinic, we have daily, direct contact with target clients.

We share the experience gained over the years, helping hair salons and individual stylists to choose the methods that will work best in a given place and among the target group of clients.

Our training staff not onlystays in the current trends, but also contributes independently to the development of the hair extension and thickening industry. We implement the Certification System of Polish Training Service Standards. We have something to brag about:

  • supported by practice experience, since 2008

  • more than 2,000 training courses

  • more than 13,000 hair extension procedures performed

  • cooperation with customers in more than 36 countries around the world

  • honorowe membership in the Polish Trichological Association

  • our students have access to the best extension equipment for professionals

  • we have the largest exposure of virgin hair in Europe

This is just the beginning...
We believe that training at Beauty for You is the beginning of cooperation for years. We are in constant contact with our students, who in our warehouse not only source the highest quality products, but also can count on our substantive support if necessary.

Szkolenie z systemów uzupełniania włosów (integracyjnych)

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